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Southern Health
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Our vision and values

Our aim: to provide high quality, safe services which improve the health, wellbeing and independence of the people we serve.
Our vision for the future
How are we going to do this?

It's clear that we need to do undergo lots of change to transform the way that we provide health care for the better. Our organisational strategy shows how we are going to bring about the change we need to within Southern Health.

This is split into three areas:

  • Improving patient and user experience - You will have a great experience whenever you come across Southern Health. You will receive excellent care, and a good service at all times

  • Improving outcomes for patients and users - We are looking at our targets all the time, making them better and making sure that we meet them, so we work with you to get the outcomes you need from your care

  • Reducing our costs - We know we need to save money, but there are lots of things we are doing that we could do better that would give improved care, but also value for money.

Our principles

To enable us to deliver our aims and goals, we have three principles about the way we work:

  • Internal redesign - Doing everything we can internally to redesign our services to provide better quality and better value for money 

  • Integration - Working with our partners to develop an integrated health and social care system

  • Growth - Growing our business where this means we can deliver better outcomes, better patient experience or be more efficient 


Our values 

Patients and People First
  • Providing compassionate, safe care
  • Listening to each other
  • Doing the right thing
  • Appreciating each other
  • Delivering quality


  • Communicating clearly
  • Supporting each other
  • Working as a team
  • Building relationships
  • Making things happen


  • Acting with honesty and integrity
  • Respecting each other
  • Taking responsibility
  • Getting the best from our resources
  • Doing what we say we will do