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Policies and procedures

You can download all of our Trust policies and procedures. They're split into two categories according to the type of service being provided. 

Reference numberTitle
SH NCP 39Identifying and Managing Persistent and Unreasonable Complaints and Complainants Policy
SH CP 64Immunisation Procedure for School Nursing Teams
SH CP 139Implanted Port Procedures
SH HR 67Incremental Pay Progression Policy
SH CP 89Infant Feeding Policy
SH CP 195Infection Control Standards in the Built Environment – Procedure for staff
SH CP 10Infection Prevention and Control Policy
SH CP 117Influenza Vaccinations: Procedure for the Ordering and Administration at Hospitals and Hostels within SHFT
SH IG 17Information Governance Policy
SH IG 13Information Lifecycle Policy (Records Management)