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Policies and procedures

You can download all of our Trust policies and procedures. They're split into two categories according to the type of service being provided. 

Reference numberTitle
SH CP 902 - 2.5 Year Health Review Guideline
SH NCP 85Accessible Information Standard (AIS) Procedure
SH CP 74Action to be taken following recall of mentally disordered patients subject to Ministry of Justice restrictions on discharge
SH CP 49Admission Discharge & Transfer Policy
SH CP 205Adult Bowel Care Guidelines
SH CP 217Adult Mental Health Shared Care Guidance
SH CP 198Adult Mental Health Team AMHT Standard Operating Procedure
SH CP 199Adult Mental Health Team CMHT Standard Operating Procedure
SH CP 197Alcohol Withdrawal Guidelines
SH IG 07Amending Inaccuracies in Clinical Records Procedure