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Policies and procedures

You can download all of our Trust policies and procedures. They're split into two categories according to the type of service being provided. 

Reference numberTitle
SH NCP 55Standards of Business Conduct Policy (Conflicts of Interest)
SH CP 19Standard Precautions Procedure
SH CP 183Standard Operating Procedure for the use of the Clinical Areas of Practice and the Clinical Maps within the Learning Disability Division
SH CP 191Standard Operating Procedure for Supporting Pre Registration Students in Practice Areas
SH NCP 68Standard Operating Procedure For Self-Presenting Patients HAZMAT/CBRN
SH CP 164Standard Operating Procedure for Ebola Identification
SH HR 59Staff Immunisation Policy
SH HR 53Special Leave Toolkit - Managers' Resource
SH HR 51Special Leave Policy and Procedure
SH HR 13Speak Up (Whistleblowing) Procedure