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Interpreting and Translation Services

Southern Health is committed to ensuring that people receive the support and information they need to access services, communicate with healthcare staff and to make informed decisions about their care and treatment.

The Interpreting and Translation toolkit (Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy) sets out good practice guidance on how to access and work with interpreters.

Southern Health will support services by:

  • Describing the essential practices and processes for the provision of interpretation and translation services.
  • Raising awareness of interpretation (including sign language) and translation needs and to encourage staff to proactively plan for these needs.
  • Ensuring staff have knowledge of how to access interpretation and translation services and the confidence to use them.


Range of services available

Southern Health uses Access to Communications to provide a range of services including:

Interpreting (spoken)

Face-to-face interpreting (approximately 30-35 languages) and Telephone interpreting (any language)

Translations (written)

Translations of medical, legal and technical documents are undertaken in most languages to high quality standards and tight deadlines.

Cultural Assessments

A scheme to undertake the cultural needs (e.g. religious, ethical beliefs and language) of Black and Minority Ethnic inpatients’ so they can be incorporated into their care plan to improve patient experience.

For more information, contact our Equality and Diversity lead, Ricky Somal.