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Equality and Diversity Training

We have a strong commitment to the professional development of staff. There are a wide range of formal training opportunities, secondment schemes and external study opportunities, plus active support to individuals and departmental initiatives.

On joining the Trust, each employee is given a Personal Development Portfolio which is theirs to keep. In it, they can record all aspects of personal development ranging from on-the-job learning and development opportunities to formal courses.

Organisational Induction

Every new member of staff will attend the Organisational Induction. The Respect and Values course is delivered by the Equality and Diversity Lead and is regularly reviewed and updated so that staff are aware of our polices and commitment to equality, diversity and human rights.

Respect and Values

We are currently developing a range of learning materials that are accessible for all staff to help improve knowledge and awareness of equality, diversity and human rights. This includes a range of learning materials including e-learning, e-video and e-workbooks.


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